Welcome to Kru GrillHouse, your new destination for authentic Jamaican cuisine in Danbury CT. We specialize in classic Jamaican dishes that will transport your taste buds straight to the Caribbean. Our Menu features well known favorites such as:

  • Succulent Oxtails
  • Aromatic Curry Goat
  • Flavorful Jerk Chicken
  • Authentic Rice and Peas

Ask About Our Catering Services

Bring the vibrant flavors of Jamaica to your next event with our authentic catering service. From jerk chicken that sizzles with spice to tender oxtail stewed to perfection, our menu showcases the best of Caribbean cuisine. We offer a range of options to suit any occasion, from casual office lunches to formal parties. Whether you're craving classics like rice and peas or looking to impress with any of our signature pastries, let us add a touch of tropical flair and the rich taste of the islands to your gathering. Contact us today for authentic Jamaican food that will transport your guests straight to the beaches of Jamaica